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Hello! This site is where I post the various projects on which I have been working. Please use the links below to view them:

Please find my resume here: http://billy.scienceontheweb.net/gen/Resume_Billy_Graydon.pdf

Omnicalx IconDa Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP): DEEP is a summer programme for the top high-school students around the world, run by the Outreach Office of the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. I am teaching two courses with it this year, in Cloud Computing and Computer Security and in Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Omnicalx IconOmnicalx: a computer calculator capable of working with vectors, matrices, quantum states, units of measurement, and performing differentiation, integration, algebraic manipulations, tetration, statistics, and much more.

JIB IconJIB Processor: JIB (for Jib Isn't Bloated) is a lightweight processor designed in Verilog, to run on the Altera Cyclone II FPGA. I created it for the ECE241 course at the University of Toronto, tested on the Altera DE2 board. Please find the hardware specification, accompanying software (an assembler and emulator for it) and documentation here.

ACSE IconScratch Presentation for the ACSE 2012 Conference: I gave a presentation in November at the 2012 Association for Computer Science Educators Conference on the Scratch program and its application to Ontario CS curricula. Please see here for the files and demos I used.

Streak IconStreak: a rewrite of MIT's Scratch, an elementary programming language designed for teaching programming. Streak adds new functionality to it, including new commands and an adapted interface.

UN IconModel UN presentation application: a program for running the technical aspects of a Model United Nations conference. I use it for Martingrove Model United Nations, my school's model UN.

Comic IconAcademic-themed comics: A number of one-panel comics designed to appeal to an educated sense of humour.

G12 IconG12, my quantum key distribution protocol: G12 (for Graydon 2012, by the conventional naming system), combines the benefits of both BB84 and E91/E92 in that it uses only quantum superposition (not entanglement), and does not require a classical public channel.

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