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Thank you to all who attended my presentation on the 24th! Below, you will find the projects I used; I am in the process of commenting them and generally making them easier for others to use, but in the mean time feel free to contact me with any questions. As well, I'd appreciate any feedback you had on my presentation: you can either contact me directly (see below), or if you prefer to remain anonymous, use the form below that.

Contact information:

This is where I've posted demonstration files I've used for my presentation on Scratch for the 2012 Association of Computer Science Educators Conference. Note that the *.sb files need Scratch to run, which you can get from scratch.mit.edu. If you are here from my homepage, you can find out more about the ACSE conference and my presentation at it here: http://www.acse.net/conferences/13th-conference-2012.

I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment to answer the questions below, to let me know what you thought and help me to improve it for the future. Anything entered into this form is completely anonymous; you can also feel free to email me any comments you may have.

Have you used Scratch much in the past? If so, were any sections too basic for you? If not, did you have trouble grasping anything covered?

What were you expecting coming into this presentation? Did it meet those expectations? If not, was is worse, better, or just different that you thought it would be?

I covered a variety of topics regarding Scratch, both on its own and as a teaching tool. Did any of them stand out as being particularly helpful or interesting? Was there anything that you felt was unnecessary, or anything I didn't cover that you'd like to have seen? Did you think that the example projects were appropriate, or would you have preferred to have seen something different?

Has this presentation given you any ideas you think you'll use in the classroom, or otherwise changed how you look at Scratch as a teaching tool?

Please provide any other comments you have about the presentation:

Thank you for your thoughts! 
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